The Under-Eye Primer That Keeps My Concealer From Creasing

A little spackle goes a long way.
Kate F.
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A little spackle goes a long way.

When it comes to my under-eye area, my two options thus far have been A) walking around with scary purple bags, or B) looking way older than I am as a result of concealer sinking into the lines on my lower lids. 

Before you preach about your Holy Grail corrector or concealer, let me assure you: I’ve tried them all. The closest I’ve come to under-eye perfection is NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, which I only have to smooth out twice during the day.

under eye dark circles

Check out these obnoxious dark circles. Ugh.

under eye concealer close-up

My creased-up concealer on a normal day.

But, for me, that’s still two times too many. I’m of the mindset that makeup should be fairly easy and stress-free, so I went on a hardcore hunt for a fix to this universal issue. 

I found my hero in Laura Geller’s Spackle line, which I’ve been addicted to for a while. When I found out the brand makes an under-eye primer, I thought, It will be mine. Oh, yes, it will be mine. (Any Wayne's World fans in the crowd tonight?)

laura geller spackle undereye multicare eye primer


There’s a bit of a science to applying Laura Geller Spackle Under-Eye Multicare Eye Primer, though. During my first few test runs, I put it on along with my face primer, before foundation, and the results were pretty disappointing--my concealer took longer to crease, but ultimately did within a few hours. 

Next, I tried a different tactic: face primer, foundation applied everywhere but around the eyes, under eye primer, and, finally, concealer. Holy miracle! My concealer looked flawless, and stayed that way until late at night, when I had sweated most of it off anyway. (Don’t judge until you’ve experienced early fall in Georgia.)

Another astonishing surprise: when I swiped off all my makeup that night, my bags looked slightly smaller and less purple. Naturally, I needed to do a little more research on this incredible little tube. Turns out, this stuff is built for treating under-eye issues, not just covering them.

First of all, the applicator has a cooling metal tip, sign number one that it’s a badass at decreasing puffs. But the formula itself is infused with magic, aka hyaluronic acid, Oslift, oat kernel extract and Hydracire S, which hydrate the eyes and add an anti-aging kick. Plus, if you’re feeling lazy, the product has a nice pearly sheen that makes bags and discoloration less noticeable.

All in all, I’m addicted. 

laura geller spackle undereye multicare eye primer

This cooling tip is my jam.

So, talk to me: am I the only one that’s struggled this much with under-eye creasing? Do you have any magic tricks I should try? Leave them in the comments!