Here's Why $30 Mink Lashes Are A Practical Beauty Purchase

You get 20 uses out of them and they look amazing! Also: No tiny critters were harmed in the making of these lashes.
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You get 20 uses out of them and they look amazing! Also: No tiny critters were harmed in the making of these lashes.

Faux lashes aren't usually my thing. I mean, I own them. And I've worn them enough to know how to apply them with a certain sort of ease (though let's be honest, they're never that easy to apply). I just tend to put them on for bigger events--say, formal events, fancy parties, or evenings when I want to go big--versus casual shindigs or daytime shenanigans. 

For my falsie fix, I tend to hit the drugstore, find the cheapest lashes I can, and then ruminate with the intensity of a meditating monk for approximately 20 minutes over which ones look the most natural and most dramatic (yes, you can have both!). 

femme fatale mink designer lashes

Dem's some fancy pants lashes.

Given my propensity toward economical eye fringe enhancement, you can imagine my reaction to Femme Fatale's luxury designer mink eyelashes, which sell for between $30 and $50. 

Are $30 Mink Eyelashes Worth The Dough? 

First of all... luxury lashes? Is that necessary? And what's up with this mink business? If we're hurting any of those cute looking rat things in the name of Kardashian glory I am o-u-t out. 

I was happy to learn, and am happier to inform you, that these babies are ethically sourced (whew). With that out of the way, I did what any beauty writer would do. I glued some designer mink lashes to my eyelids and walked around all day wearing the longest, softest, featheriest, and most natural looking faux lashes I've donned yet.

mink eyelash application

Super soft. 

Clipping And Caring For Your Minksies 

After clipping the ends to fit your eyes, you apply the lashes per normal (I used Femme Fatale's all natural glue), and then remove them at the end of the day by gently peeling them off. Unlike drugstore falsies, these don't lose their shape after one or two wears. In fact, you can wear them up to 20 times. As someone who wears faux lashes maybe 10 to 15 times a year, I find the price point quite economical, considering their longevity.

To clean the lashes, use a bit of olive oil and a cotton bud, then safely store your minksies in the original case and reach for them on an as-needed basis.

natural eyelashes


mink eyelashes

After! Can I pull them off? I think yes.

Your Lashes But Better 

Another point I'd like to make is that, again, unlike inexpensive options, these look and feel so real. I love how seamlessly they blend in with my actual lashes, and they don't have that shiny waxy cast to them. I mean, not many people have lashes as long as these, of course, but they're authentic enough to make people think maybe you've just got ridiculously good eyelash genes.

natural makeup look

Before from the front.

faux lashes with natural makeup

And after!

Consider me converted, ya'll. These things are glorious.

  • How often do you wear false lashes?
  • Can you tell the difference between high quality falsies and the cheapies?