All Brown Everything Makeup For '90s Babes

A '90s look that I'm still happy to wear today.
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A '90s look that I'm still happy to wear today.

When I think of the '90s it takes me back to watching my aunt get ready for dates, carefully lining her lips with Mac Lip Pencil in Cork and looking effortlessly cool in her then non-vintage mom jeans.

brown makeup

All the best things are brown, except for that one thing you are thinking of right now.

Naturally, all brown makeup is something I can totally get down with. It’s says "made up" without looking overdone, which is right up my alley.

Wanna try a soft, easy brown look? Here’s what I did.

For the eyes, I kept it very simple. Using the Naked Basics Palette I applied a combination of some Naked (a taupe brown matte) and Faint (a dusty brown matte) on my lids, stopping at just above the crease. I swept the same shades underneath my lower lash line, then curled my lashes.

naked basics palette

No mascara because I hate taking it off.

naked basics palette

My brows are pretty wild right now, but I want to grow them all out to my youth's glory before seeing what I can reshape with.

Using Lise Watier’s Duo Yeux Ombre & Lumiere, I used the brown side of the pencil in Timeless Gold to line the upper lid very close to the lash line, as well as tightlined.

I filled in my brows with Crave (a deep brown/black matte) and Faint.

Hello faux cheekbones, how have you been?

Hello faux cheekbones, how have you been?

I contoured my cheeks a lot stronger than I normally would, using a mixture of Havana (a warm brown) and Fawn (a cooler, gray brown) from the Anastasia Contour Kit. I also used the Banana shade (a light yellow) under the eyes.

On my lips, I used the O.G. brown lip liner, Mac Lip Pencil in Cork (a golden medium brown) and Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in Latte Matte (a caramel toned nude, with a hint of pink).

mac cork.jpg

Behold, the many shades of brown.

brown makeup swatches

Top to bottom: Naked, Lise Watier Yeux Ombre & Lumiere in Timeless Gold, Mac Lip Pencil in Cork, Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in Latte Matte.

Lastly, I parted down the middle, added two bobby pins, hoop earrings, and called it a day. Here's the finished look.

90s brown look2.jpg
Pondering all pink makeup next...

Pondering all pink makeup next...

  • Are you into brown makeup, or do you think it looks dated?
  • What are your favorite browns?