Stylish Glasses: Perfect To Give (And To Get)

We're obsessed with Warby Parker and we think everyone on your list will be, too.
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We're obsessed with Warby Parker and we think everyone on your list will be, too.
Presented by Warby Parker

Let’s get one thing clear: if Dorothy Parker had lived to see Warby Parker’s new 2013 Winter Collection, she would have never uttered her famous phrase, “Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses.”

Not that we hang our hats on what boys think, but it’s just fact that Warby Parker’s rustic-meets-modern collection is so stylish that any guy we’d even consider would definitely want to see a pair on his bedside table, if you know what we mean. (You do.)

We shared most of our favorite things about the new collection a few weeks ago: six new shapes, five new colors, each for just $95 each (which includes prescription lenses). But we wanted to take a moment to just obsess over two more things: their new two-toned acetate frames and the fact that when you give a Warby Parker gift card, it arrives with a Make-a-Snowman Kit they'll love to unwrap.

First, the Make-a-Snowman Kit. Sometimes even though we love to give gift cards because even though it means our friends and family get to choose exactly what they want, it feels a little lame since there’s nothing to unwrap. That's not a problem if you give a physical Warby Parker gift card. It comes with a bonus Make-a-Snowman Kit containing all the ingredients for building a frozen friend. 


Sure, it might be hard work rolling up those balls of snows, but once your friend applies the coal eyes (fake, but convincing, for environmental friendliness), blue buttons, and tops it all off with the adorable carrot nose, she’ll have the most stylish snowman to ever exist.

And while your loved one can choose any style, can we just say how much we love Warby Parker’s two-toned acetate frames? They’re a little bookworm, a little carefree, and even though they’re universally flattering, we get the sense not just any girl is going to have the guts to put these on and pull them off--and that makes us love them that much more.


Saddle Sage, shown above on the Chamberlain frames, is a two-toned acetate with a translucent sage down below and a streaked woodsy hue on top.


Saddle Russet, shown above on the Durand frames, is very similar, but with a translucent russet bottom.

You probably want a pair for yourself, but let’s pretend this is still about your friends and family. Once they receive the gift card, it will be super-easy for them to see which ones work best for them because Warby Parker has an awesome FREE Home Try-On program.

They can choose up to five pairs of frames, and Warby Parker will send them in the mail so they can model them for anyone and everyone who will look. After all, it’s your duty as a friend to help those you love pick out the most stylish and flattering pair.

And that won’t be hard because there are so many styles we love. We pretty much want them all, which is why a gift card to Warby Parker would make an amazing present for almost anyone on your list. And by “anyone,” we mean “us,” but you figured that out already, didn’t you?

This post is sponsored by Warby Parker. Buy a loved one a physical gift card and Warby Parker will include a bonus Make-a-Snowman Kit! Order by December 19 to ensure delivery by Christmas Day.

Presented by Warby Parker