I Love This Lookbook's Retro Beauty As Much As Its Clothing

How I'm getting Vivetta’s Spring 2014 almost-too-cute look.
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How I'm getting Vivetta’s Spring 2014 almost-too-cute look.

There’s just something so truly fantastic about Vivetta. I’ve sung their praises before on xoJane, and every season gets more whimsical and dreamy--and I’m not just talking about the clothes!


Vivetta’s newest lookbook is totally pastel and wonderful.The clothing is iridescent, embroidered, powder blue and polka-dotted, and the beauty is simple but delightful. High ponytails with lots of volume, pale, porcelain, glowing skin, and an oversized cat eye work perfectly on the model, who somehow manages to look both bored and mischievous at the same time in all of the pictures.  



I prepped my skin with a bit of Smashbox Liquid Halo HD Foundation mixed into my Mario Badescu Oil Free Moisturizer to even out the tone and create a soft, powdery base. 

Next, I covered any blemishes with Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Waterproof Concealer, and applied a layer of Bare Minerals powder all over for that porcelain look.


Next, I added The Body Shop Radiant Highlighter to my cheekbones, nose, chin, forehead, and just above my lips; then I added a bit of contouring with Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Fush Bush in Peach Beach.



I started off by adding a little bit of neutral shading to my eyes. I used Heaven from the Too Faced Natural Eyes palette under my eyebrows, and Nudie on my eyelid.


Next, I set to work recreating the thick, black eyeliner look. I used my Tarte MultiplEYE Lash Enhancing Liquid Liner, and messed up roughly six times in a row. Finally, after a lot of careful fixing with a Q-tip, I think I got pretty close. 

Once I felt like I finally had the liner right, I filled in my eyebrows using Too Faced Bulletproof Brows to create the same dark, bold shape the model is sporting.


I topped it all off with a heavy coating of Buxom mascara on my upper and lower lashes for instant sultry '60s eyes.



First, I parted my hair to the side as much as possible, all the way to the front. Then I separated my hair and tied off the bottom half once I was happy with my sections.


Next, I got to backcombing. To assist with volume, I sprayed my hair with a bit of dry shampoo and medium-hold hairspray before going at it with a fine-toothed comb.


Once my hair was as tall as could be, I roped it up into a high ponytail. Don’t smooth out the backcombing too intensely, as the pony is meant to be a little messy at the top. Also, be sure to leave a long strand of hair at the front of your face to pin back.


Once you’re satisfied with your pony, pin the left out strand of hair to the side near your ear with a bobby pin to create a smooth line of hair on your forehead. 

Finally, top it all off with a cute little hair accessory of your choosing. I went with a little polka dot hair tie similar to the model’s head scarf.


And there you have it! I think the magical geniuses behind the polka dotted Vivetta curtain would approve, don’t you?