8 Pretty Things On The Internet: A Rock 'N' Roll Cat Eye Is Perfect In A Snowstorm

Eye makeup you can actually see in white-out conditions.
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Eye makeup you can actually see in white-out conditions.
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• This week I tried out Natalia Kills's "rock 'n roll cat eye" based on a how-to I found on Nylon. It's "decidedly not smokey" but is instead a cat eye taken up a notch by incorporating lower-lash liner. It's perfect for subzero snowstorm days like today, when all you can really see on a person is her eyes, anyway. 

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• I tried Lauren Conrad's DIY gel manicure removal method last night, and while it was a crappy acetone-stinky 12 minutes of my life, it was far preferable than trekking to the salon and shelling out 10 bucks to have it done professionally.