Group Costume: Mr. Fredricksen, Russell & Dug The Dog From 'Up'

You can thrift almost everything you need for this Pixar-inspired group costume.
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You can thrift almost everything you need for this Pixar-inspired group costume.

I’ve wanted to do a group Up costume for Halloween since the movie came out in 2009. I know it’s not exactly current, but I didn’t have the talking dog until this year. 

Better late than never, right? Besides, Pixar movies never go out of style. 

up halloween costumes

On our way to Paradise Falls.

To create this Up costume, you’ll need:

  1. Old man clothes: thick black glasses, a white button-down, a dark bow tie, dark jacket, and dark pants with a belt. 
  2. White hair spray (or baby powder/flour in a pinch). 
  3. A very enthusiastic Boy (or Girl) Scout dressed in brown and yellow. 
  4. A talking dog.
  5. A house with many balloons attached. This is a major pain, and after blowing up a million balloons you will regret deciding to do this costume.

I found all the necessary clothing items at my local Salvation Army on half-off day for a total of $12--and that includes Russell’s clothes (except for the binoculars and Boy Scout sash, which we already had). I didn’t include the cane with the tennis balls because there was only one left at the store and an old person might actually need it. Plus, it was $40. Tennis balls not even included! Ugh.

I found the dog at my local animal shelter (his name was Doug, not Dug, but close enough). You could also check under your porch. 

up halloween look

“I was hiding under your porch because I love you.”

Mr. Fredricksen 

My old man hair is courtesy of Jerome Russell B Wild Temp’ry Hair Color Spray in White

You simply spray it on very liberally and try not to choke on the fumes. I needed an entire bottle for my short hair. 

halloween makeup products

L-R: Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, e.l.f. brush, NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla, L’Oreal True Match Lumi Foundation, Jerome Russell B Wild Temp’ry Color Hair Spray.

For my makeup, I applied a thick base of a pale, heavy-duty foundation: L’Oreal True Match Lumi Healthy Luminous in Fair. I also applied some concealer to my eyebrows. 

For a final touch, I created wrinkles around my eyes, mouth and forehead using a small stiff brush and Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer. 

Don’t worry too much about making perfect old man makeup, though. He wasn’t super wrinkly in the movie, and you’ll be wearing giant glasses anyway.

old man makeup

Speaking of the glasses, I figured the easiest way to recreate his white bushy eyebrows would be to attach some fake ones to the glasses. 

I just glued on some white stuffing that Doug helpfully provided by tearing apart yet another stuffed animal. Easy!

fake eyebrow hair glues on glasses

As for the house and balloons, I drew a miniature version of the house myself and hung it from the balloons. The balloons were kept together using one of those plastic balloon arches that you can usually find right next to the balloons at a party store. 

up ballon house

Let’s not talk about my inability to recreate the proper proportions.

You can carry this contraption around all night, or you could find another person to join the group dressed as the house with balloons attached to them. 

If you have a fifth person in your group (yes, I’m counting Dug) then someone could buy a ton of feathers and go as Kevin

up halloween costumes

The wilderness must be explored! CA-CA! RAAWWRR!

  • Now, you tell me: What's the coolest group costume you've ever seen? 
  • What other Pixar films would make for good group costume inspiration? 
  • Do you love a thrift store costume as much as I do? What's your best Halloween costume thrift store find? Pics in the comments if you've got 'em!