3 Mascara Hacks For Longer, Thicker Lashes

Girls just wanna have big, fluffy lashes--and we don't want to bother with falsies or lash glue, am I right?
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Girls just wanna have big, fluffy lashes--and we don't want to bother with falsies or lash glue, am I right?

I've mentioned before that I have very little patience for applying false lashes and only do so on special occasions. But I can't deny the effect of a good set of falsies--they just make me look more awake. This love/hate relationship fueled me to come up with a few tricks for getting the false lash look without any actual false lashes.  

Before I start, let's all agree that the best way to apply mascara is with a mirror positioned below your eyes so you're looking downward into it. You get so much more length that way!


One of the easiest ways to get lush lashes is to build up your lashes by layering your mascara. 

Take your wand and scrape of the excess mascara along the cap until a very small amount of product remains.  

Mascara wand minus excess product

There's still a light coating of product here--just enough to lightly tint the lashes. 

Run the wand over your lashes, making sure to coat each and every one. Do a second coat with the same technique, scraping off the excess product before application. 

For the third coat, dip the wand in the tube but do not scrape off any product (unless there are, like, huge clumps or something).  

Non-cleaned wand

Fully coated wand to add volume.

The first two thin coats create a lengthening effect and the final coat builds up volume.

Layered mascara

Layered lashes vs. naked lashes.


If layering isn't enough, try combining two mascaras with different purposes. 

Here you can either use two mascaras--one for lengthening and one for thickening--or you can buy a product with dual wands, like my Holy Grail C.K. One Mascara. This technique is basically the same idea as layering: You start with the lengthening product, then, to really coax out some volume, finish with the thickening formula.

CK One Mascara

Doubled up lashes vs. naked lashes. 

3. Drop Some Cash On Fiber/Tubing Mascaras

If all else fails, tubing and fiber mascaras are like extensions for your lashes. 

I really like formulas that deposit fibers onto your lashes. I’ve tried a few different versions of these fiber-depositing mascaras and my favorite by far is the Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes. Rather than having the fibers mixed in with the mascara (as I’ve seen in other products), there is a tube of just the fibers and a tube of what they call "transplanting gel," which just feels like thick mascara. 

Younique 3D lashes

My new dream team!

First you apply the transplanting gel and then, before it dries, you follow up with the fibers and seal with another coat of gel. I repeat this a couple of times to get the level of fullness that I like. 

Close of Younique fiber lash wands

1: Transplanting Gel wand. 2: Fiber wand.

Be careful to really seal in those fibers, though, because otherwise they can get in your eyes (I learned that the hard way). It took me a few tries to nail down the technique on this, but it's totally worth it in my opinion!

3D lashes

Younique 3-D Lashes vs. naked lashes.

  • What are your favorite mascara hacks?
  • What mascara(s) do you use and how many coats does it take to bring the drama? 
  • Any lash primer fans? Tell me your ways!