5 Gilded Looks That Will Make You Appear Rich Enough To Survive In King’s Landing

From what I've seen on Game of Thrones, having lots of gold (or appearing to have it) is as important to survival as good swordsmanship.
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From what I've seen on Game of Thrones, having lots of gold (or appearing to have it) is as important to survival as good swordsmanship.

Whenever I watch a movie or TV show about survival and such, I always wonder how I would fare. I mean, what would my skills be if the apocalypse started during my lifetime (entirely possible), or if I was thrown into a ring to fight to the death (not quite as possible, but still). Would I die within the first few seconds, or would I use my skills to survive, at least for a little while? 

My new favourite show to play this mind game with is the epitome of all mind games and twists, Game of Thrones.

Emmett and I first started watching Game of Thrones a few months back, after being told by every single person we knew that we had to give it a try. Once we started watching, we were instantly reduced to lumps on the bed, barely able to pull ourselves from the screen to eat or take a sip of water. We hardly knew what to do with ourselves when we finally finished all three seasons, so from that day a few months ago until the latest season premiere, all we could do was think, hypothesize and discuss Game of Thrones (and we did, a lot.)

Based on my lack of fighting skills and my complete inability to lie and sneak and cheat, I figure I would probably do about as well as Sansa in King’s Landing. I mean, I might not die right away, but I would certainly play the nice and innocent card as long as I possibly could, and in turn probably have a lot of horrible things happen to me. That being said, Sansa is, by far, the most boring character on the show, and I really despise being boring (I’m more the everyday adventure type), so I can’t see myself actually staying quiet and obedient for long.

Let’s see then, what else could I use? I love animals, but it seems dragons are an advantage that only Khaleesi can access. I could be seductive and sexy like Margaery… but anytime I’ve tried to act sexy on purpose in the past, the object of my desire has found it funny. 

I suppose based on my skill set, the best call for me if I were trying to make it out of King’s Landing alive (or any part of the seven kingdoms, for that matter) would be to make myself look as rich and important as possible. How will I do that? With gold, of course!


Golden makeup and accessories are my favourite way to luxe up a look, and I can’t help but think that even Cersei and Tywin Lannister would be impressed by my creations. I might even score an invitation to a royal wedding, though with the history of weddings on the show, I’m not sure I’d want to attend.

Anyway, before we lose our heads, here are five ways I incorporate gold into my look.



The easiest way to add a bit of extra bling to your look is with gold nail polish. I layered NYX Smooth Operator, a dark silvery-gold with a hint of rosiness, with NYX 24K Glitter, a gold sparkle polish. Both colours are from the surprisingly affordable NYX Decadent Delights, but the result looks pretty wealthy, don’t you think?




I’m a big supporter of Kevin Murphy Color.Bugs for temporary colour fun, and his metallic creations are no exception. 


The gold doesn’t do much for my already light locks, but on dark hair it adds the perfect amount of sparkle and glimmer.




I’m not the biggest fan of lipstick, but NYX Lipstick in Celene is the most irresistible shade of kissable champagne gold that even I can’t say no to it. 

A shimmery, sheer shade, this colour looks great on its own, on top of another more bold hue, or layered with sparkling lip gloss.

Who goes there?

Who goes there?



You can make just about anything golden with Lush Emotional Brilliance Liquid Eyeliner in Fantasy. This thick, metallic formula is easy to apply, gives great colour and coverage, and it’s both vegan and natural. 

To add a hint of gilded detail to your brows, simply paint the gold liner onto the hairs you’d like to cover. If you want to get really fancy you could even get two metallic shades and give yourself metallic ombre brows.




This look is by far the most detailed and labour-intensive in the list, but the wealthy-looking result is definitely worth it (especially if it helps you keep your head).

I started out with Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eyeshadow in Comex Gold, a warm bronze gold shadow that really looks like real gold flake in the tin.


I used the Stay All Day Liquid Eye Primer that this shadow comes with to create a base in the inner corner of my eye, then layered on the gold foil.


Next, I used Urban Decay Eyeshadows in Mushroom and Oil Slick to create a dramatic eye, blending the gold into the grey, then the grey into a black wing extending from my upper lashes.


I finished off the look by adding a bit of smokiness to the outer corner of my bottom lashes with an angle brush and more Oil Slick; then I drew in a cat eye on my upper lashes with Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner, and applied a thick coating of Ilia Mascara in Nightfall.


In case that wasn’t quite enough gold, I used my Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Midnight Cowboy to add a bit of sparkle to my upper and lower lashes. This addition is subtle, but I think it’s so pretty. 

Finally, I used my Ilia Illuminator in Polkadots and Moonbeams to give my brow line and the inner corners of my eyes a healthy shimmer, and I was done. 

I don’t think we’ll be seeing this head on a spike anytime soon!

I don’t think we’ll be seeing this head on a spike anytime soon!