Glitter Brows: Two Ways To Make Your Facial Expressions More Sparkly

I will not stop until I figure out a way to make my entire body twinkle.
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I will not stop until I figure out a way to make my entire body twinkle.

As if by magic, with more velocity than ever before, glitter seems to be taking over the faces, heads and bodies of the world. Everywhere I turn, there are more sparkles, more shimmering glimmer. The result overall is a more magical world in my opinion. 

It is my sincerest hope that this beauty trend lives on through 2014, and so I’ve mastered a way to make my face even more magical.

a tiny pot of magic

A tiny pot of magic

The holiday season, sadly, is over, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still glitter’s time to shine. I might have packed away my collection of itchy glitter sweaters, snow globes, and sparkly ice cream ornaments, but that doesn’t mean I have to suffer through the rest of the year without sparkles stuck all over my body. Hair, face, nails, toenails; no skin will be left behind.

accidentally dramatic glitter shot

Accidentally dramatic glitter shot.

So far on xoVain we’ve gone over glitter cheeks, glitter lips, and more. That just about covers it, right? Wrong! We forgot eyebrows, guys!

I couldn't decide how I wanted to implement my glitter brow look. Should I glue blocks of glitter fabric or paper onto my face a la Chanel F/W 2012? That didn't seem like the most wearable or comfortable option, though I may still try it In the future because jewel-encrusted eyebrows are obviously something I enjoy.

With a bit of experimentation and some trusty products, I came up with two versions of a glitter brow to try. The results are wearable, easy-to-execute looks. Just please don't get glitter in your eye. Please.

Version 1

Silver and gold, silver and gold...

Silver and gold, silver and gold...

Using my very favourite Heavy Metal Glitter liquid liner by Urban Decay in Midnight Cowboy, I gave my eyebrows a nice subtle golden sparkle. 

Simply take the little liquid liner brush and apply the sparkles to your brows until satisfied. This route is super-easy and the result is, like, ugh, so pretty.

Version 2

Some sneaky glitters ended up all around my eyes. Oops?

Some sneaky glitter ended up all around my eyes. Oops?

For a more dramatic look, I turned to my Sephora Glittering Eye Duo in Iridescent. 

I thoroughly coated my brows with the provided sticky primer, making sure to brush some in against the hairs to make the foundation nice and solid. Then I coated the same brush with the attached glitter and stuck it all over my brows.

Hypothetically something similar could be done with a glue stick and carefully placed dollar-store glitter if you wanted to get all fancy budget craft project on your face. 

Let me know (and show me) if you try this!