14 Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes

Plus: The xoHalloween Commenter's Choice Costume Award!
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Plus: The xoHalloween Commenter's Choice Costume Award!

The ghosts of xoHalloween past and present are here to help you get your ish together.  

1. Birthday Cake Headband 

birthday cake costume

Do not let your drunk friends light this.

All you need is a glue gun, birthday candles, and a headband. Alyssa went the extra mile and wore a white frilly dress, homemade sprinkle tights, and sprinkle-inspired cheek makeup. 

2. Lady Macbeth

lady macbeth halloween costume

She didn't wake up like this--because it was all a dream.

Buy some fake blood and a cheap white nightgown (or a "medieval chemise"), and try to mimic this crazy "Give me my mother f#%$ing iced gingerbread candle, Jen!" stare that Sarah looks like she was born with. 

3. Mommie Dearest And Her Wire Hanger (of which there will be NO MORE)

mommy dearest halloween costume

This is going to hurt mommy more than it will hurt you....

Oh, Alle, you never disappoint. This is my FAVORITE costume from the xoV archives. 

4. The American Horror Story: Asylum Crying Nun

american horror story nun costume

This what it feels like...when nuns cry.

AHS: Freak Show is a little bit of a non-starter, am I right? (Except for clown. Clown is SCARY.) Asylum is the fan favorite in the xo offices, although I prefer Coven. Anyway, all you really need for this is black and white face makeup, a pillow case, and a white turtleneck and skirt. 

5. Amélie!  

amelie halloween costume


Sure, you could use clip-in bangs for this über-simple costume--if you're a non-committal wimp. COMMIT. Beyoncé approves.   

6. Zombie Ex-Wife à la LiLo Circa Mean Girls 

zombie ex wife costume mean girls

Get it? She's a man-eater.

Buy some netted white fabric, silly teeth, and fake flowers, pull out some cheap red lip lacquer (for blood and lip color), and wear something white. Done.  

7. A Living Doll (with looks--and a knife--to kill)

living doll halloween costume

Any babydoll dress or Peter Pan collar situation will do. 

This looks difficult, but it's actually pretty easy. I bet you could hack the tights with a Sharpie and some gray eye shadow. 

8. Rockabilly Cry-Baby 

crybaby costume

Nice work on the prison tear, Rachel.

So easy. So epic. This is my favorite Johnny Depp. It might also be my favorite Rachel.


scary mouth face makeup

Inspired by Tim Burton and a Nicki Minaj song.  

You are the canvas, your creepy-wide mouth is the star. All you need is white face paint and liquid eyeliner. 

10. Silent Film Star 

clara bow halloween look

Go gray. All the cool kids are doing it. 

If you daydream in Deco, this is the costume for you. Trista was inspired by Clara Bow and her bobbed ilk, but if you don't have a black wig (or naturally short black hair) you can fake a bob and buy some spray-on hair color. 

11. Glittery Unicorn 

unicorn halloween costume

Party like you're "The Last Unicorn."

Alyssa is "horrible at crafts" and she was able to get this done. So those of you with similar unicorn ambitions have no excuse. 

12. Pre-Makeover Pretty Woman

pretty woman costume.jpg

The blonde wig, blue-and-white mini-dress, and thigh-high boots might be a pain to gather, but the rest of this look is easy and open to interpretation. You could also get away with natural Julia hair.    

13. A Work Of Pop Art On Your Face 

roy lichtenstein pop art inspired makeup

Wear all white for a canvas effect. A blonde wig wouldn't hurt here, either. 

Only slightly more high maintenance than "Scary Mouth," this look can be done with just four products. 

14. A Cat Costume That Doesn't Make You Cringe 

black cat costume

Is this what cats look like on Cheekbone Planet

You can't do a last-minute Halloween costume roundup without a black cat, right? Alle teaches us how to make the ears and tail with ordinary stuff like bobby pins, black pantyhose, old birthday cards... 

  • Be honest: are you waiting until the last minute to figure out your costume? 
  • Do you usually buy a costume in a bag, rent something fancy, or DIY?

IMPORTANT: xoHalloween Commenter's Choice Costume Award

Since we're FINALLY done with xoHalloween costume coverage, what was your favorite costume this year? You can find them all here. Tell us your #1 favorite in the comments!  

I'll tally the votes and announce the winner here on Monday.  

RESULTS: And The Winner Is... Alle As Marilyn Manson