I Couldn't Afford Giant Dwarf's Sparkling Star Headbands Before They Stopped Making Them, So I Made My Own

Giant Dwarf has stopped making star crowns, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make our own, right?
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Giant Dwarf has stopped making star crowns, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make our own, right?

I’ve been a huge fan of Giant Dwarf Designs for a while now. Sue Eggen's gorgeous handmade hair accessories have long graced the shelves of favourite shops, like catbird and Bicyclette, and are worn by awesome folks I admire, like Tavi

The items are a little pricey due to the materials used (German glass glitter), and the fact that they’re handmade, but personally, I think they are so worth it.


You can imagine my sadness when Giant Dwarf announced in early January that she’d be closing down her shop for good. That’s right: no more sparkling magical glass glitter stars for me. I was heartbroken; how could such glittery goodness disappear from the world forever? 

I quickly snapped up a pair of tiny gold star hair pins, but I wasn’t able to afford a headband or anything bigger. The shop closed, and I was devastated. 

I started complaining to my crafty friend Brianne (as I often do) about this tragedy, and she very intelligently suggested we try making our own version. 

And so began our quest. We scoured local craft shops and gathered glittering supplies, determined to make the prettiest, sparkliest headbands we could in honour of Giant Dwarf.


We bought:

• Thick glitter paper

• Mod Podge

• Glass glitter

• Ribbons (long enough to tie around my head)

We also used:

• Scissors

• Paper

• A hot glue gun

• Paintbrush

• Glittery nail polish

We chose three different colours of glitter paper, and matched them with three pastel ribbons. We opted for the most mermaid-y supplies we could find, though the white and baby-blue combo turned out a little more Cinderella-ish.

Satisfied, we headed home and got down to work.

Step 1.


Either trace a star from a computer/tablet screen, or just draw a star. If you have a printer, you could also print out a star, but I don’t, so we went the old-fashioned (ish?) route. 

We made two stencil sizes: a big star and a little star. But make as many sizes as you’d like. You also don’t have to stick to stars! Any shape you like will do.

Step 2.


Trace the stencil onto the back of the glitter paper and start cutting out stars. We found if you cut a square out around the star and then cut in toward the middle you’re less likely to rip your creation while cutting.

Step 3.


Once you have cut out all your stars, it’s time to seal/solidify them. We did this simply by painting each star with Mod Podge (front and back). When I got to the silver stars, I poured some glass glitter into the glue before it dried to give them extra dimension and sparkle.

Step 4.


While the glue layers dry, head over to a mirror and mark out where you’d like the stars to sit on the ribbon with a pencil. I did one headband with stars all the way across, and two with clusters.

Step 5.


Once the stars have dried--they will be plasticky and quite solid, and the glue will be clear--attach them to your ribbons. I used a hot glue gun and carefully stuck them into place, but you could also try sewing them if you feel so inclined.

Step 6.


If you want your stars to be extra glitzy, try painting them with your favourite glitter nail polish.


Finally, wait until they dry, then don your crown and dance around your house like a mermaid (or… flop… around?).