6 Why-Didn't-I-Think-Of-That Uses For Hand Sanitizer

I don't even use it for it's intended purpose, but I love hand sanitizer for these mind-blowing beauty tricks.
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I don't even use it for it's intended purpose, but I love hand sanitizer for these mind-blowing beauty tricks.

I prefer to wash my hands the old-fashioned way, with soap and water, but rarely am I caught without hand sanitizer. It’s my emergency multi-purpose product. 

Hand sanitizer is great because it’s cheap and it eliminates the need to carry multiple products. My purse is already heavy enough. I’m kind of clumsy and messy, but with hand sanitizer, I know I can make it through a day without a Tide stain-removal pen, makeup brush cleaner, Lysol wipes, travel-size deodorant, and acne spot medicine.

Here are six ways to use hand sanitizer that won’t dry out your hands--promise.

1. Cleaning makeup brushes.

I don’t think makeup manufacturers make it clear enough that cream eyeliners dry and harden and will thus render your makeup brushes useless if they are not cleaned thoroughly with each use. 

About to clean my eyeliner brush.

About to clean my eyeliner brush.

Hand sanitizer does a great job of removing makeup from brushes. I use tissue or cotton balls, squeeze a pump or two of hand sanitizer on them, and wipe away excess makeup. It doesn’t take a lot of time from my morning routine and it keeps my brush functional. 



It also works for fluffier brushes. Just apply some hand sanitizer through a paper towel and rub your brushes. This is good to do after you’ve had a breakout clear up, since when you’re oily, makeup brushes tend to get oily as well, and it makes your makeup start to pill up and look gross.

2. Removing makeup stains from clothing. 

Actually, hand sanitizer is great for removing any kind of stains from anything, notably ink on clothing, ketchup on clothing, soup on clothing, coffee on clothing, etc. 

All you need to do is apply a blob of hand sanitizer to the stain, let it soak in, and rub it in. Repeat those steps until the stain is gone.

3. Cleaning your phone so it doesn’t get grease all over your face. 

Every once in a while, we should all take a moment to sanitize our smartphones. We touch our phones while we’re eating French fries, and touch our phones to our faces after a long day when we’re covered in grease and city slime. We need to clean our phones. Period. 

A little bit of hand sanitizer on a paper towel works perfectly to get any grime off your phone.

4. Cleaning the bridge of your glasses so you don’t get blackheads. 

I hate glasses because they leave a huge red dent in my nose and, if worn consecutively, form a band of blackheads so stubborn to remove I start thinking I have freckles. 

So I use hand sanitizer to clean my glasses, especially the nose where blackheads form. Hand sanitizer works on the lenses as well.

I love this stuff. But not for my hands.

I love this stuff. But not for my hands.

5. Putting it directly on a pimple.

We’ve all been there. Out in public and feeling a breakout coming on. You get all uncomfortable and want to go to a bathroom to assess the damage, but you don’t have the time or ability to apply a spot treatment. So what do you do? 

Apply a tiny bit of hand sanitizer to the baby zit to make it feel better, so you stop picking at it. Blah, blah, everyone says alcohol is bad for your skin. It is if you rub it all over your skin for no reason, but a little alcohol on a blemish is not a bad thing at all. It will make the eruption start to feel better, kind of like putting hand sanitizer on a bug bite. I do that. That’s a thing, right?

6. Using it as emergency deodorant.

Seriously. I have done this before. The hand sanitizer helps kill the gross, smelly bacteria and lets you go on with your day feeling at least a fraction fresher. 

Have you ever tried any of these?