The 4 Products That Will Help Me Wear Sandals With Confidence This Summer

Once, on a family vacation in Las Vegas, I spent the whole trip in combat boots on the pool deck.
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Once, on a family vacation in Las Vegas, I spent the whole trip in combat boots on the pool deck.

Every spring and summer, it’s the same thing: my feet get hot and sweaty, I get horrible sock tan lines, and I’m perpetually overheating. I yearn to wear sandals, to let my feet breathe and my toenails glimmer in the sunlight, but something stops me every time. I always feel like, no matter how many pedicures I get, my feet are so ugly that they ruin any outfit.


I know it’s irrational; my feet aren’t actually that horrid, but a life of foot shaming has taken its toll on me. 


For a long time, I was so against people seeing my feet that I convinced myself I didn’t even like sandals, even for the pool or the beach. Once, on a family vacation in Las Vegas, I spent the whole trip in combat boots on the pool deck, slipping them off only to get into the water. 

This summer, though, I’m determined to change my footwear habits.


I recently bought the cutest new Golden Ponies sandals, and I am determined to rock them this summer regardless of my foot insecurities. 

The vegan holographic sandals in question.

The vegan holographic sandals in question.

I figure all my feet need is a little post-winter TLC right? Here’s how I’m getting them ready for some  summer sandal fun.

Rikumo Binchotan Pumice Stone


Though this pumice stone isn’t specifically for feet, I find it works wonders on my calluses and dry patches. 

Infused with a super-fine charcoal powder, this stone detoxifies and gently works away at dead skin, leaving my feet feeling soft and renewed. I use it on my heels in the shower everyday to keep the dead skin away!

Soap & Glory Scrub ‘Em and Leave ‘Em


Again, this product is not specifically for feet, but I find it’s a bit too chunky and sharp for the rest of my body. 

A pink sea salt, jojoba, mandarin and babassu oil blend, this product smells citrusy and fresh with notes of bergamot, sandalwood, freesia, blackcurrant and sandalwood. After using the pumice stone in the shower each day, I rub my feet with this scrub, careful to work it into the roughest parts, and then rinse. 

Weirdly, the smell reminds me of the water rides in Disneyland (they smell so good I swear, I am not making this up… am I?!).

Soap & Glory Heel Genius


Can we just talk about how cute all the Soap & Glory products are for a moment? I was totally sold on this foot cream/mask when I saw the little PSA on the back: “At Soap & Glory, we believe that you should never have to be afraid of your own feet.” Yup, that sounds like something I can agree with!


This foot product is pure magic. Thick and creamy, and ever so slightly pastel blue, Heel Genius is loaded with hydrating ingredients like allantoin and macadamia oil, plus soothing menthol and natural fruit-acid skin smoothers. 

I apply this lotion to my feet each night before I sleep and cover them with cotton socks. When I wake up, my feet smell and look lovely.

Butter London 3-Free Nal Lacquer in Keen


When I was in high school, my best friend and I loved making up rules or “signature” things that belonged just to us, and pink toenails was one such rule. We strongly believed that toenails should never be any colour other than pink, and though I’ve dabbled in other shades over the years, I am still pretty attached to the idea of our pink toenail society. 

My current favourite shade is Butter London’s peachy light pink “Keen”.


Are you stepping up your foot care for spring and summer? Tell me about your routine!