Ruby Red Glitter Nails That Aren't A Pain To Remove

Because I'm using press-ons!
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Because I'm using press-ons!

Nail trends come and go, but I've fallen in love with ruby red glitter nails. The red-on-red makes for an understated yet classy sparkle. 

When I was in high school I did the costumes for our production of The Wizard Of Oz, and I went in nightly for three weekends to refresh the red glitter on Dorothy's heels. There was something mesmerizing about the deep crimson glitter. It almost looked like blood, but in a lovely, cheery way.  

My nails are fairly short right now, and glitter polish is a PITA to remove, so I'm reaching for press-ons today. Bonus: painting your left hand is a cinch with these! 

I’m using KISS Nails and adhesive stickers, but any press-ons will do. Just take care to shape them to your nail bed, otherwise they’ll be uncomfortable. You can use glue, but I actually prefer nail stickers, which are ideal for a few days, but can keep for about a week without being replaced or touched up.

kiss french manicure tips

1998 called, they want their nails back.

For color, I'm using Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish in Fame Fatal. I got a bottle of Maybelline Color Show in An Old Flame for this tutorial, but was disappointed in the poor coverage.   

red nail polish

Essence Color & Go top coat and nail polish in Fame Fatal and a jar of fine red glitter. 

Two coats of Fame Fatal is enough to get a wicked red. 

nails polished red

Two coats and then on to the glitter. 

You know what’s impossible to find? A red glitter top coat at the drugstore. Not red and gold, not pink, but RED. Searching for a half-hour just made me look like a shoplifter, so I had to defect to DIY. 

red glitter nail polish

One dip is all your need. 

I got some fine crafting glitter and simply dipped the brush of my top coat (also by Essence) in the red glitter and smoothed it on. Another bonus: I only needed one coat, so I didn’t end up with gloppy nails in pursuit of good glitter coverage. Say that three times fast.

red glitter nails

Eat your heart out, Dorothy. 

I’m pretty pleased with the results. They’re party-appropriate, but also not too twee for everyday wear. I had to wonder: if I snap my fingers three times, would I wake up out of these heels and in my own bed? Probably not, but hopefully I might get another glass of Champagne. Just kidding, snapping your fingers is a rude as hell way to summon refreshments.

  • Is there an age limit for glitter polish? I think not, but I’d like to fight about it.
  • Have you tried press-ons? Thoughts?
  • Do you find The Wizard of Oz unsettling at all?