Steely Holiday Beauty For Your Inner Ice Queen

I'll have a Blue-Steel Christmas, without you, thanks very much.
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I'll have a Blue-Steel Christmas, without you, thanks very much.

For every holiday party e-vite sent, there’s an eye-rolling recipient dragging her well-heeled feet to make some obligated appearance.

You'd rather spend your Friday evening in your living room--dancing amongst pizza slices with the heat pumping at a balmy 70 degrees. But NO. You have to attend some festive work function: or worse, a party where everyone will be, including a certain arm candy-draped ex-whatever.


What choice do you have but to arrive not only in style but in full frigid regalia? 

Channel a look that lures a lusty eye, but also glints with a back-off chill if you get too close. That is pretty much how I aspire to look every day, but here’s just one glittering way to do it.

blue metallic eyeshadow

Make all the Eiffel 65 jokes you want. I dare ya. 

I used a metallic eye shadow--specifically Stila’s Magnificent Foil Finish Eye Shadow in Metallic Cobalt. This is great for any time you want to look like there’s liquid metal on your face. Instead of mixing it with the liquid primer it comes with, I stamped a finger in the pot (it has a gold-leaf like consistency), and rubbed it onto my eyelids, up past the crease, in a V shape. I used a small angled brush to help mold the shape and clean up edges.

cut crease eyeliner

If they look like little blue almonds, you are on the right track.

Then I took a liquid black liner and traced around the V shape, connecting it with a cat-eye on my upper lid. I used a black pencil liner to blacken my waterlines, smudging it the slightest bit into my lower lash line.

mod pale lip

mod mugshot

Lots of black mascara, and a frosty pale lip finish the look. I brushed some mauve blush under my cheekbones--only a bit to add some depth but not enough to appear like I’m blushing because ice queens feel no shame. The lip color here is Vincent Longo lip gloss in Ciao Amore.

metallic blue cat eye

Brrr, it's cold in here.

For hair, I opted for something on the austere side, but not without an element of a Grinch-in-Whovillian’s-clothing kind of whimsy. 

I separated a generous top portion and brushed it upward, loosely twisting it into a swirl on the side of my head and pinning it mid-barrel with bobby pins so it stayed curled. The look should be loose enough to appear naturally fluffy. The bottom section of my hair is tied into a baby bun on the back of my head, under the swirl. Secure the whole thing with a strong hold hairspray.

The completed look is very Blue Steel--a bit mod-slick, but coquettish. It’s best paired with a vacant sneer and matching cobalt outfit, if you’ve got it. 

holiday mod makeup

Whether you’re cold-shouldering your way through the party, or trying to stuff as many hors d’oeuvres into your hamster cheeks while still appearing elegantly unphased (my MO), this icy look is fetching enough to inspire some under-mistle toe action.

Social gatherings this time of year can be a mine field of eggy-booze-filled, resolution-making-and-breaking trials, but there’s no reason you should not appear like the untouchable ice queen that’s inside every girl. 

  • Am I the only one who has at least one holiday party I shuffle to in the name of networking/FOMO?
  • What do you hate THE MOST about holiday parties, office or otherwise?