Hold Up—A Yoga Pose Can Make Your Hair Grow Faster?!

I was extremely skeptical, but I figured four minutes a day couldn’t hurt, so I gave it a shot.
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I was extremely skeptical, but I figured four minutes a day couldn’t hurt, so I gave it a shot.

Recently, Alyssa wrote about how to get gorgeous, healthy, long hair, and instantly I was like, “Unf. I WANTS IT.” Ever since I got a shorter-than-I-expected cut in December, I’ve been pining for my Lady Godiva ‘do of yore.

Baby, come back!

Baby, come back!

Problem: my hair grows slow as hell. Like, your average lady will grow half an inch of hair a month; with my usual growth cycle, I get maybe a quarter-inch, which is wildly unfair because I’m super-gentle with it, only use a wide-tooth comb, and never heat style, ever. I don’t even own a blowdryer, guys.

Following a careful reading of Alyssa’s tips, I continued down the long, dark, tunnel that is The Hair Part of The Internet. Sure, I could continue babying my hair and patiently waiting for it to grow, but I wanted to find all the weirdest get-long-hair-fast tips that I’d never tried before. I read about hair oils and vitamins and dietary changes, but they all seemed like too much of a capital-c Commitment. 

But then, in the dark corners of a couple different hair forums, I read about something called the "inversion method."

It consists of holding an inversion yoga pose (one where you go upside down so that your head is below your heart) for four minutes a day, every day for one week.

Though headstands are the most intense inversions, simpler poses like plow pose and downward dog also count. In fact, many of the women who tried it out simply bent over at the waist and reached for their toes, sat on a chair and hung their head between their knees, or even lay on a bed and hung their heads off of the edge.

The premise of the inversion method is that the upside-down poses bring a rush of blood to the head, and that extra circulation stimulates hair growth. Some reviewers claimed to have an inch or more of new growth in just one week.

I was extremely skeptical, but I figured four minutes a day couldn’t hurt, so I gave it a shot. I should note that most people massage their scalps with oil before doing the actual inversion, but I skipped that because I’m trying to wash my hair less frequently, and also, that sounds like a lot of work. 

I did, however, take measurements from a few different spots on my head to test whether it was actually working.

Husband creepin’.

Husband creepin’.

For the first five days, I set a timer for four minutes every morning and held downward dog.  I’m a total yoga noob, so I was too scared to try anything more complicated, but I enjoyed the nice, relaxing stretching routine enough to keep it up, even though I was convinced it was doing nothing for my hair.

On the final two days, though, I attempted a wall-supported headstand (I got my boo to spot me), and lemme tell ya, they are not kidding about the rush of blood to the head thing. If you try this, make sure you get out of the pose slowly.

Nothin’, just growing my hair.

Nothin’, just growing my hair.

Finally, the morning after my seventh day, I took after measurements. To my total shock, all areas of my head experienced one quarter to one half inch of growth. In one week. ONE WEEK, YOU GUYS. Let that sink in for a second: I got one to two months worth of hair growth in one week, just by holding a simple pose for four minutes a day. 


It worked so surprisingly well that I sound like a spammy YouTube comment bot. The moment I took my after measurement I was all jaw-meets-floor until the end of time. This whole method sounds nutty, but it is really, really worth a try.

The hair forums recommend that you don’t do the inversion method more than one week a month, or else your scalp will get used to the extra blood flow and stop growing hair at a faster rate. I don’t know if the science checks out on this one, but it certainly helps with making a maintenance schedule. I plan on inverting the first week of every month and continuing to track my growth.

Would you try this method for faster growing hair? Are you reading this article upside down already?