4 Vaguely French Ways To Style Your Bangs While They're Growing Out

Margot is a French name, right?
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Margot is a French name, right?

I’m always either in a state of having bangs or growing out bangs. When my bangs are growing out, I have to be firm with myself to NOT CUT THEM and let them GROW. When I do cut them, I regret it and long for them to be grown out. 

If this isn’t what being an adult is all about, then I don’t know what is.

Earlier this year, I thought I was oh-so smart and allowed my hairdresser to cut baby bangs for me. I loved my baby bangs… for, like, a day. Then I realised they took commitment and a willingness to style them all the time, which just didn’t suit my life at all. The worst thing about baby bangs is that you can’t even pin them back or incorporate them into the rest of your hair like adult-size bangs. 

Now that my bangs are growing out, it is a bit easier to deal with them and to hide them until they’re the length of the rest of my hair (like that’s ever going to happen). 

Between all my bangs, almost-bangs and almost-no-bangs phases, I have become an expert at hiding them with cute hairstyles. 

The French Braid

Using the hair from the bangs, start braiding at the root. Each time you grab a new piece, incorporate a little bit of the rest of your hair to create a French braid. 


When you do this, make sure you are always pulling the hair away from the face so that your braid is tight and out your way. 

To secure the end of the braid, I use a bobby pin the correct way, which is to face it toward the beginning of the braid, which also keeps it more concealed. 




This style is very Lauren Conrad circa the end of her stint on The Hills. I normally do this to one side, because my hair looks better in a side part, but if you like to wear your hair in the middle, you can do a braid on either side.

The French Twist

Basically, you’re using the same priniciples as the French braid, but this is an easier option if you’re not a skilled braider. 

Just start twisting the hair away from the face at the root, and keep twisting, all the while incorporating little strands of new hair until the end, so that it stays put. 


Finish off with a bobby pin and you’re good to go. 


Again, this can be worn in a side part of you can do two twists on either side for a middle part.

The French Braid Semi-Crown

If you’re level 1000+ at French braiding, a really pretty way to conceal your bangs is in a French braid that crowns your head. 


From one side of your head, start braiding from behind the ear and French braid along your hairline until you reach the opposite end. 


This can be worn tight and flatter for a really sleek look, or you can tousle it a little bit for a more relaxed style. 


The Margot Tenenbaum

When all else fails, all you need to do is start off with straight hair and a deep side part and pin your bangs down flat, with a hair pin.

Fur jacket optional. Moping not optional.

Fur jacket optional. Moping not optional.

Do you guys have any go-to styles that conceal your bangs? Do you grapple with the should-I or shouldn’t-I of bangs as much as I do? Do you call bangs a fringe like I do IRL?