2 Minute Hair Hack: You're Curling Your Hair All Wrong

I'm skeptical of most hair hacks, but this two-minute curling method REALLY works.
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I'm skeptical of most hair hacks, but this two-minute curling method REALLY works.

The other day I was wasting time on one of the myriad beauty forums I waste time on (is it time really wasted?) when I came upon a little hair trick that blew my mind. The premise was simple enough: put your hair into a ponytail, curl the ends, release your hair, and then walk out the door looking ultra fab.

Now, I've encountered numerous "easy tricks" and "beauty hacks" on the Internet, and, sadly, only a handful have delivered on their promises. But this whole ponytail-->curl-->release method of getting a pretty, even head of curls totally works. Here's how you do it: 

Step 1: Start with your plain old hair. Make sure to brush it out and all that jazz.

two minute curls step one

Step 2: Brush your hair into a high ponytail and apply heat protectant on the ends.

two minute curls step two

Step 3: Using a curling wand of your size preference, start curling small sections of hair. I'm using the 19mm wand from my NuMe 4-Play set.

two minute curls step three

Step 4: Keep curling until you have all the hair in your ponytail curled. This takes no time at all.

two minute curls step four

Step 5: Let hair cool, release the ponytail, and apply shine serum onto the ends. 

two minute curls step five

Heat has a tendency to zap shine, so following up with product is smart. I'm using Verb Ghost Oil, a fusion of argan and moringa oil that smells insanely good.

All done! 

two minute curls finished look front

If you have layered hair, you can go in with your curling wand again and create some curls at the front.

two minute curls finished look back

Mind blown, right? So easy! Would you try this? Have you tried this? Do you know any other curling hacks to improve the process?