The Side Flip: The Coolest, Easiest Hairstyle Ever

Grab your blow-dryer and get ready to flip it and reverse it.
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Grab your blow-dryer and get ready to flip it and reverse it.

Lately I’ve been channeling a hairstyle that had a big moment in the 1970s, and has since periodically resurfaced. 

I’m talking about the immortal side flip. 

In the late '70s, when disco glam was all the rage, side flips were worn with metallic slip dresses that hung effortlessly on the figure.  

jerry hall 70s

In the '80s and '90s, the hairstyle found its way back, this time with more volume.

clueless alicia silverstone

Nowadays the flip is worn more casually and with a lot less fluff.

kristen stewart hair.jpg

The trick to getting a good side flip is to style your hair in the opposite direction of the end result.  

I blow-dried my hair to the right so I could wear it to the left. If your hair is a little flat to begin with, scrunch some product or dry shampoo onto the roots, to provide volume and lift the hair up as you dry. 

side flip hairstyle

It also helps if your hair isn’t squeaky clean.

Then, flip your hair to the opposite side, making sure to think of yourself in a leather jacket while doing so. 

And there you have it: the coolest, easiest hairstyle known to humankind.

side flip hairstyle
  • Do you ever wear your hair in a side flip?
  • Who in history wore it best? 
  • Do you also associate the side flip with Meryl Streep and Kristen Stewart, in that order?