Ricky’s Hair Bungees Saved My Ponytail, And Thus, My Life

No more strands ripping out of my head when I take my hair down!
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No more strands ripping out of my head when I take my hair down!

Am I the only girl in the world who has actively looked for a scrunchie in the 21st century? Yes, to wear in my hair. No not as a costume--Halloween is over, silly! Which obviously means it’s time to start getting ready for Valentine’s Day.

Since I keep my hair in low buns, I wanted a ponytail holder that wouldn’t snag, break, and be an all around a chore to remove. Even though I had been using metal-free elastics, whenever I’d free my hair from the band, it would inevitably look like this, no matter how carefully I unwrapped it.


I’m trying to be a lot more careful with my hair, so I decided to cut out the little things that cause breakage. The only solution I could come up was to use an oh-so-chic satin scrunchie.

Unfortunately for me and the world at large, scrunchies are hard to find! I was going to give up when even the beauty store Ricky’s, which has everything (including store signs with the word ratchet), didn’t have a single scrunchie in stock. Good heavens, why can’t a girl wear a throwback '90s style if she wants to?

Really Ricky’s? You’ve officially made ratchet something the olds say

Really Ricky’s? You’ve officially made "ratchet" something the olds say.

As I was getting ready to throw in the towel and head out the door, my eyes landed on Ricky’s Hair Bungees. I looked at the package, saw it had instructions, put it back down. Who wants to follow instructions for a ponytail? 

The whimpering of my breaking hair got the better of me, and I decided if the bungees didn’t work, I’d just return it. Now I can’t believe I ever lived without these things!

Here’s why I like them better than the average ponytail holder.

No more breakage!

I don’t have any strands of hair getting caught up in the bungees.

They're flexible.

I mean this in more ways than one. Yes, each bungee stretches a good bit. But the best part is that it works for everyone whether your hair is thin or huge.

I like big hair, and the bungee is big enough to keep it all together when I want to pull it up.

I have big hair, and the bungee is big enough to keep it all together when I want to pull it up.

They're durable.

These are some tough little suckers! Only six come in a package, but these six are still going strong three months in.

The key is that the bungees don’t have a rubber-band shape, like every other ponytail holder. Instead, they’re elastic with hooks on either side.


This makes ponytails and buns easier for those with longer hair; you don’t have to loop your hair through the band a millions times for a tight fit. You just wrap the bungee around as tight or loose as you want.It has never loosened at all during the course of my every day activity.

Ricky’s has instructions on their packaging, as I mentioned, but here are some visual tips.

Start by gathering and pinching your hair into a ponytail.


Where your fingers touch in your pinch is where you place one of the hooks. The hook should touch your scalp.

Wrap the hook around as many times as you’d like. I started it going clockwise, and I only needed to do it once because of this big hair

Hook the ends together

Hook the ends together



And c’mon, can your ponytail holder give you a moustache? Didn’t think so!