This Volumizer Has Finally Sold Me On Hair Powders

It's particularly great for pixie cuts.
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It's particularly great for pixie cuts.

I'm relatively new to Lea Journo hair products, but I'm a fan. Their Hydrating Shampoo makes my damaged hair feel amazing, and I love to spray their Texturizing Sea Salt Spray on dry hair on my way out the door for wavy texture that's not outrageously sticky or crunchy. 

I recently tried their Pouf Micro Fiber Thickening Powder, which is another winner. This surprised me because it's not the sort of product I usually reach for. 

lea journo pouf micro fiber

Lea Journo Pouf Micro Fiber. 

It comes in a small bottle that's ideal for travel and adept at sprinkling out the right amount of powder. You don't want to use too much, the back of the bottle warns, so I started with just a pinch and went from there. 

lea journo powder

I used even more than this 'cause I'm a rebel. 

Here's my hair before rubbing the powder in. 

short hair before lea journo powder

No makeup and lackluster hair--obviously the hottest picture of me on the Internet. 

And here's my hair after.

short hair after lea journo powder


I ended up using more product than I thought I would, rubbing it directly onto my scalp and my roots for volume, and then eventually using it on the rest of my hair for some texture. I really liked the results. 

short hair texture


I can rarely get my hair to look this piece-y, and it took almost zero time or effort. It also didn't make my hair feel sticky, grainy, or dry like some similar powders I've tried in the past. There's no white residue and no smell that I can detect. 

I also tested it on my sister's hair. She has gorgeous hair, but it's long and thick so she could use some volume at the roots.  

Here's her hair before...

long hair before lea journo powder

Her roots before.

...and after. 

long hair after lea journo powder

Her roots after.

There was definitely more volume, but it had the unfortunate side effect of making her long hair a little frizzy. 

I prefer this product for short hair, especially since it can give pixie cuts some awesome texture. I definitely recommend at least giving it a try no matter what your hair type is. 

  • Have you tried Lea Journo hair products?
  • What do you think of thickening powders? Will you try this one?