A More Flattering Top Knot: Just Add Volume

Your secret oomph weapon? A tiny claw clip.
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Your secret oomph weapon? A tiny claw clip.

Most days, I am so unbelievably lazy and annoyed with my hair that I just pull and twist it up into a top knot in one-and-a-half seconds and forget about it. 

Of course, this doesn’t make me feel glamorous or like I can conquer the world. On the contrary, I feel sloppy and gross when my hair isn’t done, especially since my frizzy baby hairs never leave me with a sleek updo.


Sometimes, though, I like to put effort into my top knot and make myself feel a bit cuter and more presentable. The way I do this is to volumise it and give the volume staying power--without any teasing. It is really the easiest way to spruce up a boring bun with little effort or room for error.

All you need is a small claw clip and your usual hair elastic.


The first thing to do is when you blow-dry or flat-iron your hair--I usually use a flat iron in the morning--is to go back and up. 


You can skip this step, but it really gives it more volume and doesn’t allow for the hairs to go in all directions.

Next, gather the top part of your hair as though you are going to do a half-up style. Twist it where it meets and clip it with your claw clip.


The last step is to pull up the rest of your hair as sleek as possible without flattening the top part of it, i.e. pulling the sides up tightly. Complete the bun by twisting the hair around the claw clip, thereby concealing it completely, and tie your bun as usual.

This will not only give the front volume, but the bun will also be fuller due to the clip in the middle.

Spray with some holding or finishing spray if you wish and you’re good to go.

VOL BUN 2.jpg

See? Super-quick and easy. And so much better than my original, sloppy top knot.