Quick Question: What's The Most You've Ever Spent On A Heat-Styling Tool?

Could you get a pretty decent pawn-shop loan with your flat irons, curling irons and blowdryers?
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Could you get a pretty decent pawn-shop loan with your flat irons, curling irons and blowdryers?

About a decade ago, inflation hit two types of consumer goods harder than everything else: jeans and heat-styling tools. Did anyone else make that entirely non-scientific and factually unconfirmed observation? For real, it seemed like jeans and blow-dryers went from $50 to $150 right after the turn of the century.

I've done my best to resist. I'm writing this in a pair of $15 Old Navy jeans, and on the rare occasion I blow-dry my hair, it's with a now-discontinued Goody dryer. But my curling iron is a $130 Sultra wand, and my flat iron is a $200 Solano beaut.

Full disclosure: I've gotten those tools from being in the biz, but y'all, I think I'd drop some serious cash on heat-styling tools; for the quality, the longevity, and--maybe most importantly--for the innovations.

For example, Sultra has this new pressing iron called The Diva (sadly, it doesn't play opera music), and it goes for $210. That's 21 times more money than one of my ex-husband's Omaha family friends sent us in a card when we got married. (We spent it on Taco Bell.) But it just may be worth the money, and here's why...

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Seriously, it has these little gripper ribs--Sultra calls it the ThermaGuide Plate System--to make it super-easy to evenly straighten each section of hair. It comes with pressing creme to protect your hair and hold the style, and it has two heat settings: one for chemically relaxed hair and one for natural hair.

I gotta say, I haven't seen an iron like this one before, and not just because I'm a white chick who doesn't know anything about pressing combs. It's really the first of its kind to be designed the way it is--and that might just be worth the investment for those of us with especially difficult-to-straighten hair.

But you tell me--QQ: What's the most you've ever spent on a heat-styling tool? Would you spend over $200? Why or why not?