At-Home Bleachers: You Need This Treatment To Protect Your Scalp From Toner Burn

Also, I accidentally dyed my hair an unexpected color...
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Also, I accidentally dyed my hair an unexpected color...

Bleach: When I say the word, do you cringe? I know I used to. There are few things worse than that chemical-burn-itchy-fire-on-your-scalp feeling. 

Thankfully, I found the coconut oil soak trick to work wonders against the pain of bleach, but there's just one glitch: What about when the oil is rinsed off and you have to apply the toner?

Toning your hair right after a bleaching session can cause a serious amount of pain and irritation. Your scalp is at its weakest point, and you're basically kicking it while it's down with more chemicals. Sometimes this part can be even more painful than the bleaching itself, but you have to do it to get your hair one even colour. 

I really didn't know there was any hope of solving this problem, but my hair guru genius Amanda proved me wrong.


Amanda suggested I try using the NouNou Pak by Davines after I bleach and before I tone to protect my hair and scalp. 

In her own words: 

The NouNou Pak is amazing! It's great because the lipids (from the olive butter) do wonders for your scalp and hair. After bleaching, apply it to your scalp and hair, leave it for 10 to 15 minutes, and rinse. This will help soothe your scalp from the bleach but also help protect it for the toner. The lipids will also help fill in the holes in your hair (the damaged part of the hair strand) which will allow the toner to take evenly. The healthier your hair the better a palette we have for color creativity!

She's the best, isn't she?


With Amanda's words in mind, I set out to try her strategy when I re-bleached my roots. After the bleach was processed and rinsed, I applied the NouNou Pak all over my head and carefully combed it through my sensitive hair.

ow :(

ow :(

Just a handful of magical green goop and...

Just a handful of magical green goop and...

Oh, that’s better!

Oh, that’s better!

It felt really cooling and calming on my scalp, and when I rinsed it, my hair definitely felt softer and less stressed. I applied the toner and happily noted that it wasn't burning as much as usual. 

I would absolutely recommend this product for anyone who bleaches their hair at home, or anyone who just wants to give their hair a nice treatment every week or so. That being said, my recommendation isn't quite the end of this tale…

So, my hair was a lot more pink this time than it usually is when I bleach and tone, and I noticed the toner wasn't lifting the pink out as quickly as it usually does. In an effort to distract myself from the panicky thought that I might end up with half white half pink hair, I went into my little office and wasted some time on Pinterest. I guess I wasted a bit too much because when I returned to the bathroom mirror, my hair looked really grey.



Yup, I accidentally dyed my hair purply-grey, guys. At first I was unsure, but now I'm really starting to like it. Thoughts? Feelings? Should I change it back to pink or leave it a while?