These Adorable Hair Accessories Are Like A Party For Your Head validates all my glittery pastel tendencies.
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84 validates all my glittery pastel tendencies.

In case you haven’t noticed based on every single thing I post everywhere on the internet, I like to have fun. I practically live for sweet treats, birthday parties, and sunshine, and I get overly excited about the simplest of pleasures (e.g. clean laundry, fresh flowers, confetti, etc.). 

I love my life and the way I live it, but every once in a while I get caught up in the hate, especially when it comes to the beauty and fashion criticism I get. Do I look like a giant child? Is there anything wrong with that if I do? Should I have glitter bits in my hair every day, or is that ridiculous? 

Recently, I found a brand that validates all my glittery pastel tendencies: 

It’s my bad hair day party and I’ll cry if I want to.

It’s my bad hair day party and I’ll cry if I want to. is just about the coolest accessory brand out there. Based in L.A. and inspired by “all things fun,” the package of goodies I ordered arrived complete with a bag of candy, confetti, and a teeny-tiny disco ball. With one of my favourite Instagram accounts, super-fun lookbooks that often involve balloons and tassel garlands, and everything from phone chargers to shoe clips in their shop, this cheerful collective has totally got me swooning. 

My favourite part though? The hair accessories!

The best package I’ve ever received. Ever.

The best package I’ve ever received. Ever.

You know those days when your hair just feels too boring and awful to even exist? Well, those days are no more. I mean, bobby pins with cute little sayings like “Super” and “Oh Wow”? Hair twists in all sorts of delightful patterns and colours? Delicate pompom flowers to add some fluff to your updo? The list of too-adorable-to-be-true hair decorations goes on and on. 

I’ve seriously had to hold myself back from buying every single thing this brand sells, but I’ll admit, I’ve compiled quite the collection despite my best efforts. 

The Twist Scarf 


For someone who has never had much luck tying a real scarf onto her head without it falling out halfway through the day, these little twists have been a total life-saver. I like to add one to a basic ponytail to add a retro beachy feel to my look. (Rumour has it you can also wear them as neck scarves, around a bun, or like a normal headband, too.)


Crystal Crush and Flash Bobbi Pins 


If you’re ever having a hair conundrum, these bobby pins are your answer. These little guys add the perfect hint of glitz to any updo without looking too contrived. 

I love popping them into a messy bun, a side braid, a fancy updo, or just using a couple to pull one side of my hair back.


The Girl Talk Headband 


OK, so it’s not the most practical item in my basket of hair accessories, but it’s just so damn cute! 

I love backcombing the back of my hair to add extra volume before popping this adorable headband on.

Also comes in other phrases like "Oh Yeah" and "Party Time."

Also comes in other phrases like "Oh Yeah" and "Party Time."

Girl Talk Bobbi Pins 


This list wouldn’t be complete without’s most well-known accessory, the Girl Talk Bobbi Pins. I mean, why keep your hair full of secrets when you can decorate it with words and sayings for those around you to read?


Cute stuff, right? What words would you wear in your hair?