The Messy 4-Strand Braid That Looks Awesome On The Runway AND Your Head

It's as easy as a regular braid, but way cooler.
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It's as easy as a regular braid, but way cooler.

I've been looking to the Spring/Summer 2014 collections for some cold-weather beauty inspiration, and Giles’s runway hair look stands out. 

It's a messy, cool side braid that is done with four strands instead of three. The braid is really tight and textured, while the rest of the hair looks like you slept in it for a week straight.

The beauty at Giles Spring/Summer 2014. Look at Cara…don’t you want this hair?

The beauty at Giles Spring/Summer 2014. Look at Cara… don’t you want this hair?

This look is very easy to do, and even though four strands seem intimidating, once you’ve practiced it, becomes as easy as a regular braid.

This works best with dirty, two-days-unwashed hair. Spray a generous amount of dry shampoo to the roots to add more texture. I use TRESemme’s Fresh Start Volumizing Dry Shampoo--it leaves little residue and works wonders.


Start by securing your hair in a tight, low ponytail.

Divide your hair into four strands. Tip: Wet your hair before braiding it; it will help keep hair from flying away.

Take strand 1 and bring it under the hair between strands 3 and 4. Then bring it up and around strand 3. Does that make sense? Graphics to make this less complicated. Enter art.

Study it. Breathe it. Be it.

Study it. Breathe it. Be it.

Once you’ve gone through those steps, repeat the same thing starting on the opposite side. Keep exchanging sides until there is no more hair to braid and secure it with a tiny hair tie.

Pull some hair out of the braid to add more texture. You can also add some hairspray and dry shampoo for texture.

So messy and perfect!

So messy and perfect!

Once you have your braid secure, comb the rest of your hair back to make it's very neat, and spray some hairspray. 

Before the hairspray completely dries, push some hair gently forward with your hands. You should also pick out some strands if you want a messier look. Then add more hairspray. 

Play with your hair a little to get it the way you want. You may want to have a dramatic winded look or a subtler version. But the messier, the better.


And you’re done! 


And here I have an extra photo a friend took when I did the braid without securing the low ponytail a few weeks ago. Why is messy hair so great? How many times did I say "texture" in this?