Get A Whiff Of These 7 Indie Perfumes

Support small business and smell divine. Win/Win!
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Support small business and smell divine. Win/Win!

It's time for another edition of "Wendy tries to explain what a smell smells like." I don't know if you realize this, but it's pretty difficult to do that. I even read a study, recently, about how describing scents is one of the most challenging things a human could ever do. Maybe I'm making that up.

Anyway, I actually do love to try new fragrances. I let them melt into my skin and rest for the day. I'll spray them into the air, or bring my nose up to the nozzle and inhale. It's interesting how a perfume can change and develop from the nozzle to the air to your skin, and even over the course of a few hours.

So let's get to it. These particular perfumes are all indie brands, so if you want to support small business and smell fabulous, start with one of these. 

Anu Essentials Meadow Lark, $55

Anu Essentials Meadow Lark Perfume

It's a spray bottle, but I wanted to get a really big whiff!

I love the packaging of Anu Essentials perfumes: simple, fresh, clean. That's also how I'd describe the scent of Meadow Lark, which is one of three fragrances they offer. Meadow Lark evokes childhood memories of rolling around in sun-warmed grass, and even captures that youthful spirit. I remember creating "forts" in the tall, tall grass (later turned into hay) that overtook the acreage behind our house. This scent brings me right back to that place.

LURK Beauty BS003 EDT, $185

LURK Beauty EDT in BS003 Review

It's not cheap, but it's damn good.

If you're looking for a splurge, LURK Beauty's "Pure Essential Oil EDT" is certainly a contender. Because it uses pure, 100% non-GMO, undiluted essential oils, it's a very rich, saturated and earthy scent (that's also why it's on the spendy side). I'd call BS003 an androgynous EDT. It's slightly heavy, but clean, and has notes of sweet bergamot, dry woods and crisp citrus. 

Verita Hypnotic Honeysuckle, $20

verita hypnotic honeysuckle argan oil perfume

Entice your lovers with this one, ladies.

Imagine a garden paradise in your head, and then imagine your paradise in full bloom; that week or two right before spring tips over into summer. Now imagine yourself wrapped up in your favorite thing: a lover's embrace, a novel, heck, a podcast. For a brief second you close your eyes, the heat of the sun pressing into your skin, and a slow wind rolls across your body as you inhale. That's what Verita Hypnotic Honeysuckle smells like. It's sweet and creamy, and, as the name suggests, hypnotic. And it's only $20. 

Willoughby Ursa Major, $40

willoughby ursa major

Willhoughby Ursa Major is another all-natural, androgynous cologne and, like LURK, it's very earthy. This one blends 14 pure essential oils with organic jojoba, so it's kind of hard to put a finger on the exact scent. At first it's quite woodsy, but the dry down brings out brighter, lemon-y notes and a hint of something powdery. Ultimately, it's very clean and really doesn't lean toward one sex or the other. 

Pour le Monde Envision, $82

pour le monde perfume review

What a pretty bottle, no?

This is a delicate scent for all you delicate ladies out there. It's subtle, it's nuanced, and it's really quite lovely. I wasn't sure what to make of Envision in the bottle, but once it settled into my skin, it morphed into this sensuous blend of flower petals dusted in talcum, velvety sandalwood, and drop or two of fresh citrus. 

Giordano Beauty Corsage, $35

giordano corsage review

Petite bottle, major whiff factor.

As the name would denote, Giordano Beauty Corsage is a very floral fragrance. A single whiff takes you on a journey through a manicured rose garden, complete with frothy fountains babbling in the background. A blend of spice and wood tempers the sweetness of the roses. A little goes a very long way with this one.

Smell Bent Chile Vanilli, $50

Smell Bent Fragrance Review

The ice cream cone is wearing a hat!

I'm a big fan of Smell Bent, and have even reviewed their St. Tropez Dispenser here, which is one of my summer staples. Their packaging--from the fragrance names to the art to the descriptions--is always on point and I kind of feel like one of the cool girls whenever I hold a bottle in my hand. Anyway, Chile Vanilli smells like a gourmet birthday cupcake washed down with a little bit of sweet cola. Notes are vanilla bean, cinnamon bark, and light patchouli. 

  • Have you dabbled into the realm of indie perfumes?
  • Which of the above is most appealing to you?
  • How often do you switch up your fragrances?