3 Awesome Dude Scents and the Men I Imagine Pair Well With Them

No men were harmed in the making of the article.
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No men were harmed in the making of the article.

I’m currently in a state of thoroughly enjoying living the single life. Seriously, this is just me every day:

At this point, the only thing that concerns me in regard to not having a boyfriend (or manfriend, for you SATC fans) is that I can’t pilfer a partner's cologne for myself. 

BUT WAIT! I don’t need a man for that either! Here are three "dude" scents that smell great on anyone, and the men I imagine pairing them with (because why not?).

Clean For Men Classic

A straight forward scent!

A straight forward scent!

With this scent the name says it all: Clean and Classic. The description states that it's a "spicy, woody, musk" but I smell something more floral, almost with a hint of musk than anything else. It reminds me a bit of clean skin and aftershave on first spritz, then settles into a whisper of a smell that only just lingers on skin. 

I imagine the man wearing this would be clean-cut, fresh-shaven, and a bit preppy. He's a nice guy; a "you keep his shirt, he keeps his word" kind of dude. He'll call when he says he's going to call and your grandma will probably knit him a sweater this Christmas.

L'Occitane Eau Des Baux Pour Homme

My favorite of the trio!

My favorite of the trio!

I was obsessed with this scent from the beginning because it is dreamy! It starts out smelling like the inside of a cedar-wood box and then dries down to something a little sweet and a little warm and spicy. The overall effect is something like a glamorized version of delving deep into the stacks of an old library. 

This man is a bibliophile, kicked back in his favorite worn-down leather chair, threadbare paperback and cup of black coffee in hand. Probably beardy and snuggly as well hmmm... 

Whoa, focus...

Chanel Bleu de Chanel

I smell danger...

I smell danger...

The initial spray of this is chock-full of citrusy goodness, but as it settles a bit, it actually deepens into something a bit more mysterious (I'm attributing this to the incense and sandalwood notes). 

I feel like this guy is very attractive right out of the gate, like Idris Elba fine, like so fine you have to add an extra letter and go full '90s: FOINE! Sadly, that attraction will be short lived as he will probably get arrested later on down the road—purely white-collar stuff. He's all pressed suits, crisp button-down shirts, and "by the way, I have an interesting opportunity I want to let you in on..." 

  • What are your favorite "men's" fragrances? (I wear what I want!) 
  • Do you attribute certain scents to certain types of guys? Or certain specific guys?