Handmade Beauty Box Lets You DIY Your Own Lipstick

Handmade Beauty Box is a subscription service for DIY inclined beauty lovers.
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Handmade Beauty Box is a subscription service for DIY inclined beauty lovers.

Some may call my obsession with subscription boxes a bit much, but they're just a little way I like to treat myself. For example, I get my Korean beauty fix via Memebox, I squeal each and every time I open up my PopSugar Must-Have box, and I get super excited whenever I see that bright pink Ipsy mailer peeking out of my mailbox. 

I'm also pretty into DIY, so when I discovered Handmade Beauty Box, my heart rate may have spiked. 

handmade beauty box

DIY delivered in a pretty pink box. PS. I'm wearing the lipstick I made.

3 Things To Know About Handmade Beauty Box

  • Handmade Beauty Box costs about $30 a month, including shipping.
  • Every month you're sent everything you need to create a new DIY beauty product. Past projects include loofah soap, bath bombs, nail polish, and lipstick. You even get labels and packaging.  
  • The box was started by Anne-Marie Faiola, who's had both hands in the DIY bowl for a while now: She's the author of Soap Crafting and the founder of the Soap Queen blog. 

A Review of My First Box

I thought it'd be fun to take you through the whole experience of receiving my first box and making a DIY beauty item with the contents. I had no idea what I'd receive, but was thrilled that my first project was lipstick. A little daunting, sure, but in the end it was a very easy process, thanks to clear constructions and quality ingredients. 

handmade beauty box contents

In the box: four different mica pigments, two droppers, 24 lipstick cases, lipstick base, labels, and directions.

Step 1: Empty the contents of the lipstick base into a microwave safe bowl. 

making lipstick with lipstick base

Step 2: Melt the base down in the microwave and divide in half. Then add four to five teaspoons of pigment. 

making your own lipstick

The box included pigment combinations to try, but I just went for it and made up my own concoction.

As with anything, you want to make sure you're paying for high quality products. I'm happy to report that I was impressed with the contents, particularly the micas, which were very heavily pigmented. The lipstick base felt creamy and luxurious and melted easily with zero clumpy nonsense. 

Step 3: Mix it up! 

mixing mica with lipstick base


Step 4: Fill each of the tubes up. I had to reheat my lipstick a few times as it dried quickly.

filling lipstick tubes
diy lipstick

It's a bit messy, but totally fun and totally worth it. 

I got about 10 lipsticks out of each batch, which is way more than I'd ever really need, so I'll definitely give some away. For my second batch, I used mostly the Rose Petal Mica you see in the top right corner, with a little bit of a darker mica for some kick. Again, I was able to make about 10, so 20 lipsticks in total. 

diy lipstick swatches

Swatches! The top one is light and sheer, which is what I was going for. The second is a darker berry color, which turned out prettier than I'd hoped!

pale pink lipstick swatch

Wearing the sheer color. What should I name it? Baby's Breath? Bubbleyum? 

Berry wine lipstick swatch

And the second color, which I'm pretty much in love with. I kind of want to name it, "Hey, you." FYI: This color lasted for hours on my lips and didn't bleed. 

diy lipstick packaging

Packaged and pretty.

All in all, I am super impressed with this beauty box. You can tell that the ingredients were thoughtfully selected and were of high quality. Additionally, the included instructions were very thorough and easy to understand, which means that even those who aren't DIY savvy can still play along. 

 Moving forward, I can see myself getting this box and making a monthly thing of it with girlfriends since each box yields a hefty amount of product. 

  • Are you as impressed with this box as I am?
  • Do you have a secret dream to be a beauty product namer? 
  • What's your favorite subscription box to date?